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As a professional Metal casting manufacturer,many items are need to be CNC Machining after Casting from time to time. Therefore, we offer fully range of Machining service to support our casting projects. Every customer enjoy to work with us for the reason that, competitive price,high quality, one stop services for you new projects.

What Is CNC Machining

CNC Machining refers to the processing method of using cutting tools (including cutting tools, abrasives and abrasives) to cut the excess material layer on the blank or workpiece into chips, so that the workpiece can obtain the specified geometry, size and surface quality.

Any Machining process must have three basic conditions: cutting tool, workpiece and cutting motion, which are called three elements of cutting. The cutting tool shall have a cutting edge, and its material must be harder than the workpiece. Different tool structures and cutting motion forms constitute different cutting methods. The methods of cutting with tools with fixed shape and number of edges include turning, drilling, boring, milling, planing, broaching and sawing; The methods of cutting with abrasives or abrasives with variable shape and number of edges include grinding, grinding, honing and polishing.

CNC Machining Manufacturer

Item Description
Main Product CNC Turning parts, Precision mechanical components, Precision milling parts,
4 Axis CNC Machining,5 axis cnc machining
Main Material Brass, Copper, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Steel alloy, Aluminum alloy
Surface Treatment Zinc plating,Nickel plating,chromate plating,anodize as per customer’s requirement
The Most Precise Tolerances That Reetech Can Process 1)Shaft diameter below 6mm and maximum pore size tolerance up to 0.003mm,
2)Shaft diameter larger than 6mm and pore size tolerance is 0.005mm,
3)Linearity below 100mm distance etc, tolerance is up to 0.005mm,
4)100mm or more distance linear tolerance is up to 0.01mm,
5)A form tolerance is up to 0.003 – 0.005mm,
6)Position tolerance is up to 0.01mm.
Production Equipment 1)CNC Machining Center;
2)CNC Lathe;
3) CNC Milling Machine;
4) Precision Cutting Machine
Measuring Instruments and Equipment 1)micrometer,
2)smooth plug gauge,
3)thread gauge,
4) Image measuring instrument,
5) Coordinate Measuring Machine,
6) Roughness tester,
7) routine inspection of calipers
Preferred Drawing Formats


Preferred Industries 1) Communication Equipments
2) Medical Equipments
3) Photoelectricity Equipments
4) Auto Industry
5) Mechanical Equipments
6) Other customized Parts

Why Our Services

1) High Quality Guarantee: Many years experiences in this field
2) Competitive Price
3) Good Service: Our sales are professional and with good attitude, We will response with our customer within 24 hours(Holiday excepted).
4) On Time Delivery: The delay delivery always are a headache problem for most of buyers, Our technical team and sales team make us can promise about our delivery on time.
5) Custom ability: We can help you on your new projects according to our many years experience, Even we can design for you to find the best solution of your projects.

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